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Tree Services Perth

TRP provides certified and top-quality tree care services across the entire Perth city area. We also offer stump removal, tree lopping, trimming, pruning, and many other arborist services. These are all built on top of a free quote and no-obligation consultation. If you’ve got a tree, we’ve got the service for you. We consult on any issue – big or small – and offer a specialized, expert solution. If you’re unsure about your personal job, the fastest and easiest way to find out is to check our services or just get in touch!
We are keen to assist you with any of your tree care needs, we're qualified arborists and arboricultural experts and have the experience, tools and qualifications to handle any tree issue you may have

Whilst you may want to continue doing some research and find a bit more information that might help you with your tree service situation, you can save a lot of time, effort and uncertainty by giving us a quick, no obligation phone call - you can get some definite answers to whatever you query might be, you'll get a professionals opinion on it, and we can even organize a free quote for you.

Finding The Right Tree Felling Contractor

On any project, the right contractor saves you time, money, and stress.
Tree Removal Perth is your answer to all 3. Our service is second to none: we promise reliable, efficient, and cost-effective arborist services every time.
Reliable: we make sure every job is completed to a high standard with no fuss.
Efficient: we want to save you time and money: our work is precise and efficient.
Cost-effective: you’ll always get a great quote and you’ll never pay hidden costs.
We hold ourselves to high standards. This means you will never deal with a poor job, hidden costs, or shoddy customer service.
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Tree Removal Perth Company Values

1 - Safety

The last thing you want is a tree coming down the wrong way. You might be worried about us felling a tree or grinding down a stump. We ensure the project never gets in your way or puts you or your property at risk.

Whether it’s a fence, the house, or the family dog, your safety matters to you, so it matters to us. Here at TRP, our process is always safety-conscious without compromising on cost or efficiency.

2 - Quality Of Work

Every job we do is a badge of honour. We believe in leaving the best advertisement for our services on your garden: a perfect removal and happy customers. The work we do – from tree removal to pruning to arborist services – is who we are as arborists. You deserve the best, and we insist on holding ourselves to the highest standards.

3 - Customer Service

No quality of work is ever worth bad customer service. You want a contractor that cares about your problem. We know you don’t want to mess about – you want reliable, helpful service. 

Not every project is a breeze, but friendly specialists and great communication improve everything. We offer you the service we’d want to receive ourselves. Customer service is our profession, just as much as trees are!

Arboricultural Services In Perth



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At Perth tree removal, we remove trees – it’s in the name.
The only thing worse than worrying about a dead tree falling down is a second-rate tree felling contractor.
Don’t take that chance: let us turn that dangerous old tree into a beautiful wide-open space. What you need is a precise, reliable service by people who know what they’re doing – with the track record to prove it. Safe, efficient tree removal to bring you piece of mind, a tidy garden, and the smoothest service possible!


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Stumps are a stubborn eyesore that could be killing everything around them as they rot. If you want to do anything with your garden, that stump has to go. Our stump removal service leaves you with a clear garden, ready for whatever you’ve got in mind. Clear the way with a stump removal service you can rely on – quality, safety, and smooth customer service.



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Tree trimming helps shape and reinvigorate your trees. It also helps you keep them away from your house if they’re getting unwieldy. We remove excess branches, helping the tree flourish and shaping it to suit your garden. This prevents dead branches and promotes healthy, beautiful growth. This is also a great way of preventing branches falling on your car, house, or scratching windows. Our professional tree trimming service keeps your trees manageable and presentable.

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Pruning is a great way of keeping trees healthy and vibrant. Proper pruning is an investment in long-term safety and costs. Trimming off excess branches and making sure that the whole tree is healthy and distinctive.  This can prevent tree decay, give you more natural light, and free up space in your garden. Show your tress some love. It’s good for you, it’s good for your trees, and it’ll be good for your wallet down the road!



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Sometimes, your tree needs some TLC. We don’t just remove trees – we also cultivate them and consult on them.
We are certified experts in all things tree, offering a complete range of services across any species. Whether it’s a personal or professional project, no job is too big or small for an expert opinion. At Perth tree removal, that’s exactly what you get: a qualified, experienced, certified arborist service.


Why Hire A Professional To Remove A Tree?

More people are injured by falling trees and branches than by sharks every year. You’d not swim with sharks without a pro – and you shouldn’t try to remove a tree without professional guidance.  Tree clearance can be a big job – and not one that’s undertaken lightly. Lots of things can easily go wrong – in dangerous and expensive ways – if performed incorrectly. It can damage your garden, your house or car, and even risk your life.
At Tree Removal Perth, we are trained to make sure everything goes right. We have the skills, expertise, and equipment (such as chainsaws, helmets, chipper machine, stump grinder, safety goggles and much more) to keep tree clearing safe, reliable, and problem-free. From trees to stumps, we offer a professional service because tree removal and arborist services are specialist skills!

We also handle the complete disposal of any trees or stumps that need to be removed, or any mess from trimming/pruning. This means you know that you’re going to have safe tree removal, a clean yard, and a no-mess solution to any tree problem.
I was really happy with PTR’s service. I had no idea what I was going to do with the dead tree in my yard and it was lovely to have a reliable professional to handle it.”


Really good job, very happy with your professionalism, friendly attitude and how you conducted the job, many thanks.


I had 2 large gum trees removed recently, Tree Removal Perth did a fantastic job and cleaned everything up really well afterwards, thank you. 


Maintain Your Most Valuable Asset

Your home is your most important asset – and often your most valuable. It’s an investment of money, time, and care.
Your garden – and thus trees – are an extension of your home.
A good arborist service is an investment in maintaining and perfecting your most valuable asset. It’s the difference between an eyesore every morning when you’re drinking your coffee, or a yard you can enjoy to the max.
Proper maintenance of your trees and garden is crucial for keeping your home in good shape. Whether it’s boosting the sale price or maintaining the family home, there are many reasons to invest in your trees:
• Stop branches from falling on your home! Most tree-induced damage is avoidable with good maintenance.
• Reduce the effort of loose leaves from dead, dying, or sick branches.
• Stop roots from breaking up your drive or paving.
• Remove unsightly stumps or unwanted trees completely.
• Beautify your home and the impression it sends – whether for sale or for yourself.
• Get more sunlight in your yard or through your windows
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Why Choose Experienced Tree Surgeons?

We are without a doubt one of the best companies for your tree work because we offer uncompromising quality, service, and safety.

You probably don’t love dealing with trees like we do. You want a fast, reliable service for a good price. Fortunately for you, that’s exactly what we offer here at Perth tree removal.
We offer a personal and individualised service. You can live with the knowledge that you got the best possible service, you don’t have to lift a finger, and that tree or stump is a thing of the past.

With a professional service, whether trimming or removal, you’re investing in your home. We save you money down the road – less branches landing on your car, less developing problems like rotting stumps, and less chance of damage to nearby structures.

Maintenance and prevention are certainly both less stressful and cheaper than removal and repair work in future. Don’t neglect your trees!
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Professional Tree Service Perth

Our services cover everything to do with trees.  Whether you’re looking for tree removal, stump removal, trimming, lopping, or pruning, the best thing to do is get in touch. Across the arborist services we offer, every project is individual and unique. We are certified in all aspects of arboriculture and offer the best service in Perth.

We take our arboricultural profession very seriously and whether we're doing Tree Canopy Lifting or Tree Crown Reduction on a fruit tree, tree lopping a pine tree, directional pruning a gum tree or felling a palm tree we'll be sure to give our 100% and ensure that we're your #1 Arboriculturist anytime you may need a tree lopper, a tree surgeon, a tree feller, or whatever other names you might call us. 

You can get a free quote on your job with no obligation. We just need to get some info on the work, and we can size up the project. We cover the entire Perth area, meaning that there’s no job too big, small, or far for our tree care superstar team. If you’re looking for tree clearing, tree felling or tree surgery in the Perth area, just get in touch and you’ll get to talk to a human!
In some cases we may need to consult your local guidelines for permits before work can take place. TRP follow all industry guidelines from the safe removal of trees.

Best Tree Service In Perth Guaranteed

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