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Stump Removal Services Perth

Stump removal isn’t an easy task – but a professional service takes the hassle out. At Tree Removal Perth, we are experts at dealing with stubborn stumps. Our service is reliable and prepares your garden for any projects you have in mind.

It’s a service we offer here at Tree Removal Perth, and one we’re good at. We grind stumps down and remove any ensure there’s no possibility of re-growth or the spread of rot or fungus. Our service keeps your garden healthy long after the stump is gone!

Benefits Of Removing A Stump

Removing a stump helps you kill the possibility of rot and fungus spreading out from the stump. Not only that, but stumps are often huge obstacles to future growth and projects in your garden. Whether it’s a patio, a nice yard, or an extension, you can’t just pave over a stump.

That dead hunk of wood needs to go. Removing a stump is a great short-term choice for a more aesthetically pleasing garden. It also means long-term garden health with lower risk of invasive infections, and leaving you with a clear space for future projects!

Stump Removal Process

The removal process for a stump involves a thorough investigation of the stump itself – including the roots.
From there, we grind the stump down so that it’s no longer visible above the ground. Then the roots are either removed or left to break down into the soil – depending on what you want to do with your yard.

This is a single-day process, for most projects. We also remove any annoying residue, making sure that your garden sees the instant transformation you’re looking for.

It’s a smooth, reliable process – if you’re looking for stump removal in Perth, call us now for a free quote! We also offer quality tree trimming services.
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