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Tree Removal Perth are proud to offer our tree lopping services to the good people of Perth. You might have a tree or some branches in a tree that are getting a bit dangerous  and you might feel a bit more at ease if they were removed. Other common reasons people need a tree lopper is that they want more natural light in their yard and need their tree either removed or cut right back. Tree lopping, or tree removal, is our main service and we're able to assist anyone anywhere in Perth.

Benefits Of Tree Lopping

Lopping a tree can bring a host of amazing benefits to your quality of life and also to your garden. Most people find they get a lot more natural sunlight in their yard after lopping a big tree. Their garden also benefits greatly from this and areas that were very shady before and nothing would grow, now have a live and fast growing garden. Quite a lot of people also have amazing plans for their yard that dont involve their tree, so they get it removed along with the stump, allowing them to build a carport, a bbq, a retaining wall, a new garden bed, or even just more lawn, the possibilities with this new space are endless.

Tree Lopping Process

Tree lopping might seem quite easy but it can also be quite dangerous, especially if you dont know what you're doing, don't have the right equipment, or the right knowledge. Falling trees and branches can behave very unpredictably and cause serious harm to your people and property, so its always best to call in an expert. 

We'll be happy to come around and give you a personalised quote, and then on the day we'll be able to use our experience to determine the best way to safely remove your tree or branches, if you'd like to take the first step, give us a quick call now! Once youve removed your tree we can also offer stump removal.
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